IT Value Chain

What is IT
and Software Sourcing

Domestic and International IT sourcing is the practice of procuring from the global market for goods and services. IBG aims to leverage efficiencies by sourcing from both domestic and international providers of IT products and services. These efficiencies include affordable skilled labor, lower cost materials and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs.

Many Information Technology projects and services, including cloud applications, mobile Apps and database services, are outsourced globally from countries like the United States, Ukraine, Pakistan and India for specialized talent or more economical pricing.

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Reasons for Using IBG

Gain Competitive Advantage

Our customers have access to the latest and the most advanced technologies and best-in-class resources.

Improve Product Design & Quality

We create experiences our customers’ customers love—and take your most ambitious ideas from concept to reality.

Flexibility and Scale

We provide the right team of experts to meet your requirements and achieve better results.

Reduce on Costs

IBG will reduce your expenditures and significantly save budget. With IBG, you will also get quality professionals and professional service, save time and money on recruitment, training and new in-house staff.

Rapidly Scale

Rapidly scale up and scale down as needed. We carry out the burdensome tasks, make all processes more efficient, and boost productivity.

Minimize Risk

We help our customers with risk assessment and analysis, which is also a crucial advantage. IBG will predict and help mitigate potential risks.

IBG Partners

IBG works with excellent firms all over the world.  We are always on the lookout for great service providers that excel in innovation, cost, quality and customer service.  In exchange, we bring business from some of the most exciting projects and firms in the world.  If you are interested in working with IBG and can meet or exceed our standards, we want to hear from you.


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Our partners have at least three excellent project or customer references that are less than 12 months old.  Profiles on G2 or Capterra are appreciated.  Furthermore, IBG and our partners stand behind our work with a 100% performance guarantee and available on-going support.


Our customers own their Intellectual Property.  Unless specifically authorized, which is rare, neither IBG nor our partners will own or have rights to the intellectual property we develop for our customers We expect that all IBG project results and any related code will not be used by staff, partners or any other firm without express written consent from IBG and our customer.


We work with generalists, but specialists are preferred.  Let us know what your specialty is, for example: .Net, PHP, G Suite, HTML, Java, CSS, No Code Dev, automation algorithms, advertising, websites, SEO, systems integration, implementation, project management to name but a few.


We keep our customers and our projects strictly confidential.  We expect our partners to keep the projects, customers, contact details, scope, and other related matters strictly confidential and, in support of that, to meet rigors cyber security standards.

Industries We Serve

We work with countless companies, governments and non-profits in numerous verticals, a few of which include: